This site has been established to be a bridge of communications from the  Friends of the UTB Regional Library Chapter to all interested citizens in the UTB  area to keep you informed about our Chapter’s ongoing efforts for the UTB Regional Library.

It has been stated that Library support always reflects the nature of a community.  Well, the UTB Community Spirit and Library support certainly have been shining through from the beginning of our pursuit of our Library, and we know it will stay that way.   We would like to see more people get involved as members and voice their opinion of what they would like to see in the Library.  This site will keep you informed about important meetings, events, fundraiser, etc. We hope you join us at some of our meetings and events. We recommend you add our site to your Favorites link.    

The site has three interactive forms for your convenience.  First, our online update form. This form enables you to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter as well as to keep up- to-date on the latest developments and events.  Second,  The Friends of the UTB online-Membership form. This online form allows you to enter your membership preferences, and print the form out and mail it to our Treasurer. 

The third form is the Hillsborough County Library Card online application.   We encourage all that will be using the Library to register for a Library card. Also, if you do have a Library Card, you must renew it every two years or it expires automatically.  This will help to know how many registered citizens are using the UTB Library.    

This is a life long learning experiences for all in the UTB Area for years and generations to come. A strong library is the heart of a  well-defined community.  Please help us to keep a strong foundation for the UTB Library with community involvement.  We look forward to your suggestions and comments.   

Hope to see you at some of our various meetings and events throughout the year.   

email: president@uppertampabaylibrary.org

Thank you for your support!

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